Three Generations of Love


The rolling verdant expanse of the Ironwood Golf Course stretched away, emerald and vivid under the cloudless Nebraska summer sky. The fairways meandered through a mature longleaf pine forest and around pristine lakes. The chatter of a women’s foursome, interspersed with laughs and giggles, echoed in the morning stillness. Julia March set up on the third hole for a tee off shot, her shapely, lean, tanned legs and short shorts making the stunning brunette look taller than her five feet five. Her blonde, blueeyed partner Beth Sampson’s gaze lasered into Julia as she made her swing, which was in good form with a picturesque follow-through. Julia muttered, “Damn, I was off-balance. The shot went wild and into the trees.” The two attractive women coming up behind them were part of their foursome, and a lot of good-natured kidding followed Julia as she headed toward the trees.



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    Born March 25, 1937, Avoca, Iowa at home on a family farm. Attended a one room country school for two years. At age fifteen upon the death of my father, I became a janitor of the Macedonia, Iowa Consolidated School. Age sixteen worked as hired man on a farm for four years. After graduation I joined the Navy and served twenty seven years in submarines. After I retired from the Navy, went to work for utility company as production controller supervisor of the computerized maintenance department. Starting out life in the "cash n' carry " world, where needs and savings were the law we lived by. At the age of sixty, after working all my able life, I just stopped going to work. I have a wonderful partner. She and I have been together for thirty-two years travelling the world extensively. I don't know if I am a writer or just a story teller that can uniquely connect the dots.

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