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    Post Hole Digger

    Post Hole Digger

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    Three Generations of Love

    Three Generations of Love

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    stepping stones

    Stepping Stones To The Arch De Pleasure

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    Born March 25, 1937, Avoca, Iowa at home on a family farm.

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James Pope Collection

Unique, progressive, three novel series & brochure.

Post Hole Digger, novel/screenplay, family: My life from first memory to age 19 and the life’s lessons that created me.
Trifecta, novel/screenplay: Adult, romantic, drama. Combination of life’s experiences and creativity.
Stepping Stones to the ARCH De Pleasure, novel: My true physical relations.
Primer for the White Knuckle, Jelly Knee, Socializer: Brochure, how to become socially confident!
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